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If you are convicted of a crime, your life will be affected beyond potential fees and jail time; it can become very difficult to overcome the stigma of your charges and find a job.

If you have been accused of harming another person, stealing from someone or driving under the influence and you are an adult of 18 years or older, your best chance at a fair ruling is to have an experienced criminal lawyer on your side. Etobicoke residents who have been charged with criminal offences are able to get the legal aid services and advice they need from the criminal lawyers at Martin Goose & Associates.

We Guarantee Your Release on Bail

When your liberty, livelihood or reputation are on the line, you need experienced representation like the kind offered by Martin Goose & Associates. For 40 years, we’ve provided legal representation for clients of all ages facing a variety of criminal charges. We have helped many clients get released on bond.

We have a team dedicated to providing competent defence for any criminal charge including:

  • Assault – An assault is the direct or indirect, intentional application of force to another person without his or her consent. Consequences of being charged with assault include fines, imprisonment or both, as well as probation or even counselling for anger control.
  • Domestic Assault – Domestic violence takes place within a family or intimate relationship. Offences can include assault, threatening death or harm, murder and more. If you are found to be guilty of a criminal offence involving domestic violence, your penalty will be harsher.
  • Impaired Driving – Impaired driving offences are backed by zero tolerance policies. Penalties for drinking and driving are severe even on a first offence. With a conviction you will start a criminal record, your driver’s licence will be suspended for a year and you will have to pay a fine. Your insurance rates will also rise, and repeat offenders face jail time.
  • Other Driving Offences – Other driving offences include dangerous driving and careless driving. If convicted of dangerous driving, you will have a criminal record and an automatic licence suspension of one year or more. Consequences of careless driving include fines up to $2,000, licence suspension for up to two years and even jail time up to six months.
  • Theft – Theft charges can be classified as Under $5,000 or Over $5,000 depending on the value of the alleged amount taken. It is considered a property offence, and can sometimes be laid along with fraud charges. Potential penalties of being charged with theft include imprisonment up to 14 years.
  • Fraud – This criminal offence can involve exploitation of vulnerable parties, lies and deceit or deliberate nondisclosure. Fraud cases are often investigated using search warrants and bank requisitions, and consequences of conviction include jail time up to 14 years.
  • Drug Possession – There are serious consequences of drug offences, including jail time, restrictions entering the U.S. and difficulties with immigration status. 
  • Weapons – Gun violence is a large concern for Etobicoke citizens, so weapons charges are not taken lightly. Weapons violations attract harsh penalties that include jail time, firearms prohibitions and travel restrictions.

At Martin Goose & Associates we use the appropriate methods to defend all of these criminal charges, including reviewing documents, forensic analysis and interviewing witnesses. We always work to have a good understanding of your situation, and we guarantee your release on bail. Call Martin Goose & Associates if
you need a criminal lawyer in Etobicoke.

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