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Rely on Martin Goose & Associates for Your Litigation Lawyers in Etobicoke

Whether you have a real estate issue on your hands or have decided to divorce your spouse and they are contesting your decision, you need the help and guidance of a lawyer who can defend your rights. A litigation lawyer in Etobicoke can do that. Litigation lawyers are experts at protecting the rights of their clients through the courts. This means they can present your side of a dispute to a judge to maximize your chances of a favourable outcome.

Litigation lawyers, like the ones at Etobicoke’s Martin Goose & Associates, know how the courts work and the best way to argue your case before a judge.

Litigation Lawyers in Etobicoke Will Defend Your Rights in Court

There are two types of lawyers: litigation and transactional. Transactional lawyers can tell you what your rights and obligations are when you deal with anyone other than courts and tribunals. This means that they can help you draft a contract, negotiate a business deal or prepare a severance package for a terminated employee because there is no dispute.

Once a civil litigation dispute arises, such as your contract being denied, claims you broke your business deal or your severance package being rejected, you need the help of a litigation lawyer. The team at Martin Goose & Associates can give you legal advice and tell you how the law will treat your case based on how similar cases were treated in the past. Our litigation lawyers always prepare for a trial, even though most civil cases do not make it that far. We will go over your case and be prepared to make a legally sound pitch to a judge.

We’ll Defend Your Rights through the Civil Litigation Process

Litigation lawyers specialize in civil litigation, or legal disputes between two or more parties that are seeking money damages or specific performances over criminal sanctions. Civil litigation encompasses a wide range of disputes including real estate lawsuits, divorce lawsuits and more. Litigation lawyers in Etobicoke are their clients’ advocates, obligated to fight for them to achieve the best possible outcome. When you choose Martin Goose & Associates to be your litigation lawyers in Etobicoke we are ready to defend your rights.

Civil litigation includes many stages, including:

  • Investigation
  • Pleadings
  • Discovery
  • Pretrial Proceedings
  • Potential Settlement or Trial
  • Appeal

Discovery tends to be the longest stage of any case, and comparatively very little time is spent on the actual trial. Most lawsuits do not even pass through each stage because most of them are settled by an agreement of parties and never reach the courtroom. If the case does go to trial, the entire process can take anywhere from a few months to several years. Whether or not your case will go to court, the litigation lawyers at Martin Goose & Associates are ready to plan your defence and work to make sure you get the most favourable outcome possible.

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